Best Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a common problem, affecting around 80 percent of men and 40 percent of women.

This condition can make people feel uncomfortable about their appearance and can be a symptom of other health issues. In order to prevent this, and restore your confidence, you might want to try completing a hair loss treatment.

Let’s look at some of the best hair loss treatments to save you money and give you more confidence that you are taking the right path.

The great news is that speaking to a doctor about hair loss is now easier than ever. You don’t even have to sit in a waiting room.

You can contact a New York hair loss doctor right from your phone.


Hair Tonics And Medications

One of the first hair treatment options that you might consider is using some kind of tonic. They tend to be affordable, and readily available.

This can make it easy for you to try them. However, these products might not be effective all the time. In addition, they won’t prevent baldness, just prevent you from losing more hair.

In addition, there is the possibility that they can create dependence on the treatment. In some cases, if you stop using the medication the hair loss will return, and the rate of loss may start to accelerate. Because of these factors, you should make sure to research any hair treatment medication before you start using it. A key part of this should be reading online reviews. This will tell you how it affected other customers. 


Laser Treatment

In some cases, you might want to try laser therapy. There is a range of household devices that claim to be able to restore your hair growth.

Laser treatment involves sensing irradiated photons into the scalp. There are completely safe. The photons then stimulate the hair particles, causing them to grow.

However, the effectiveness of this procedure has been shown to be somewhat inconsistent. For some people, it will work, causing hair to regrow.

As more research is done, the process will continue to be refined. This is strengthened by surveys that show that this can be effective, in some cases stimulating hair growth of 39 percent over just 16 weeks.  


Hair Transplants

You might want to consider using hair transplants. In most cases, this can be done with individual follicles of natural hair.

You will also need to take medication to make sure that you can stimulate the hair to grow naturally. While this can create a more permanent solution, it is also one of the most expensive options available.

Typically, you will be expected to pay per graft. Depending on how many grafts you need, you could easily be paying over $11,000 before this treatment will end. 

New York Hair Loss Doctors

Hair loss can be a serious condition, often causing people to feel insecure about their appearance. As we saw, there are multiple hair loss treatments for you to consider.

The best option will often depend on your specific needs and health concerns.

For example, the reasons for the hair loss and the amount that you’ve lost will often impact on the type of treatment that you choose to pursue.

So, investigate each of these options and then speak to your local New York hair loss specialist in the office or visit the doctor right from your phone.