The First Urgent Care in your Pocket

Live Video Visit with Experienced ER Clinicians

We are WeHealth
The First Urgent Care in your pocket

We are leaders in Tele Urgent Care. We instantly connect you to experienced ER clinicians 24/7/365.

Unlimited Access for $25 a month

Speak to us for as long as you need, face to face, with no time limits. Get the Urgent Care you deserve in minutes.

Experienced ER clinicians based in US

Got a cold or flu, vomiting or diarrhea, UTI or a sports injury, our trusted ER clinicians can absolutely treat a host of common illnesses through a Video visit.

Prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy

Need a prescription or a referral to a specialist, no worries, our trusted innovative technology will connect seamlessly to your local pharmacy.

How it works

You get off the plane on business trip and just know that your sore throat needs attention. Your baby spikes a fever at 3 am. You’re on vacation and a rash sprouts on your husband’s back. Emergency room and a $1000 co-pay? Not if you have the WeHealth Mobile App. AG Urgent Care designed the app to give you immediate call-in access to emergency medicine physicians 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It costs only $25 a month with no co-pay.
With the click of a button and a mobile conversation, your physician can assess your needs, direct your care, call in a prescription or refer you to a specialist. When you download the WeHealth mobile app, you replace worries with trusted health care, and long waits with immediate access. You can read all the details of the WeHealth mobile app coverage here.
Now you have expert emergency medical care in the palm of your hand, wherever you go.
Download WeHealth App from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up is quick & easy and you can start using the App right away.
Instantly video chat with one of our ER Trained clinicians who will take care of your medical needs.
Our clinicians will refer you to the specialist or e-prescribe your medication

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